Business Agility Lab : Agile Thunderdome
Ray Arell Tobey Aumann Suma Sundaram Aggarwal Rhea Stadick Shawna Cullinan Dana Dismukes

Get help with your organization’s Agile transformation at the Business Agility Lab 

Did you know that over half of Agile organizations have issues with development and business people working together effectively when things rapidly change? As a result, organizations often struggle with delivering high customer value in these scenarios. In the Business Agility Lab, business leaders who understand the benefits of applying Agile across the organization will be on hand to offer workshops and one-on-one guidance to help you improve your company's ability to respond to your customer's emerging needs. 

This year's business leaders will be Ray Arell (Director of Agile Transformation at Dell Technologies), Shawna Cullinan (VP of Product Delivery at GoodRx), Rhea Stadick (Director of Agile Leadership at Nike),  Dana Dismukes (Agile Transformation Leader at Dell Technologies, Suma Sundaram (Agile Transformation Leader at Dell Technologies), Tobey Aumann (Principle Flow Advisor at Tasktop), and other business and technology leaders.  

Agile Thunderdome: SAFe vs Less; Agile is only for software developers vs. It is good for everybody; Waterfall vs. Agile; etc.  So many methods seem to be fighting for dominance and competing for the limited space of what we can practice and learn.  In Agile Thunderdome, two people sign up to debate for dominance in the brain of an agilist–two people enter but only leave victorious. 

Come by the lab earlier in the week to choose topics and attend the session judge who is the victor! Seating is limited, so please plan appropriately. 

Date & Time
Wednesday, July 20, 2022, 3:45 PM - 5:00 PM
Location Name
Presidential Boardroom A
Session Type
Business Agility Lab