We’re glad that you’ve landed on this page – hopefully you’re as excited as we are about Agile2023! The fantastic conference tracks from last year are back, with the addition of the new “Technology for All” track. Below are the track descriptions that have shaped the speaker submissions process, and give you an idea of the overarching themes of the speaker and workshop sessions coming in 2023. Be sure to check out the wonderful team of people, who are shaping and guiding the creation of Agile2023!


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Lightning Talks

The Lightning Talk Track provides a lightweight, flexible opportunity for speakers to share valuable information with participants. Presentations are short with one of the following formats:

  • 3-minute Lightning Talk (no slides)
  • 5-minute Lightning Talk (slides)
  • 7-minute Pecha Kucha style presentation

The themes of lightning talks will follow these themes: Energizing People and Teams, Enriching Organizations, Accelerating Products, Technology for all, Career Stories, and Other. These sessions provide an opportunity for rapid and diverse learning on a variety of topics.

The Agile Alliance Lounge

Interested in meeting the Agile Alliance Board? Want to hear more about how you can get involved with community initiatives?

The Agile Alliance Lounge (in the Citrus Ballroom) is the place to find out the answers to these questions and so many more. Learn from the people in Agile Alliance who are creating coaching ethics, translating the Agile manifesto, supporting meet-ups and coach camps, and have great future plans to do more. There will also be fun games and activities! This is a place where everyone is welcome.

Agile Advice

Looking to get another perspective, some direction, or a bit of advice? We've got you covered! Conference attendees can stop by the Agile Advice space, where advisors have volunteered their time for feedback and conversations. The Agile Advice team will help you sign up for an appointment and have you provide a brief description of the topic you'd like to discuss. During your appointment, you'll be paired with an Advisor to have a short conversation in our dedicated space.This is available for all conference attendees, so come and see us when you arrive at Agile2023!

Interested in volunteering to be an Advisor?
Follow this link for the Participation Submission form and more detailed information. Submissions will close July 13th to allow the team to build our roster of Advisors. 


For Agile2023, we are putting a focus on sustainability. We had a specific interest in speaker and workshop submissions that applied a sustainability lens to ANY topic, showing how people, organizations, and technology can embed sustainability into their thoughts and actions too.

Open Space

Passionate about helping improve your organization? Learning to see yourself as a leader so you can help others?

Thursday’s Open Space is the place to be!

Open Space is an amazing framework that gives everyone (including you) the opportunity to create a new menu of conference sessions to:

  • fill in gaps from other sessions and integrate learnings from the week,
  • dig deeper into topics you are interested in with others who have similar interests,
  • explore a topic that was not on the program,
  • meet and connect with attendees who you would not have otherwise met.

Whether you are new to open space or have experienced a great one, join us! We will explain the structure so that you (and everyone else) can create and learn from amazing sessions and content! If you'd like more information about Open Space at Agile2023, watch this video with our facilitators, Jake Calabrese and Allison Pollard.

Daily Lean Coffee

Join us daily at 7:30 AM as we explore any topic with Lean Coffee. You and your fellow attendees will share knowledge, discuss options, challenge assumptions, unlearn, and learn together. 

Lean coffee is an agendaless meeting with a loose structure. The people that show up bring the topics and decide the priority in which they are discussed. So whether you are new to the Agile20XX conferences, an Agile beginner, or a veteran in the Agile community — your voice is equally valued in this space.


The Audacious Salon

Want to dive into some topics in more depth? Want to learn techniques for handling those constructive conflict or debate situations?

The Audacious Salon track at Agile2023 is exactly what you might imagine such an audacious name to be: An invitation to participate in dialogue and discussion of the most adventurous, bold, and daring topics one might find at the conference. This year’s edition of the Audacious Salon takes aim at four intriguing themes which challenge our closely held norms, beliefs, and assumptions:

  • What “necessary evils” must we continue to support and grow in our mission of agility throughout our organizations? Let’s explore sticky subjects like…

Frameworks, Certifications, Scaling, and enterprise-size systems

  • How does “Agile coaching” need to evolve to be a greater benefit to organizations? Agile coaches often have more experience telling others how to do things, than doing them themselves. What if Management is really where “Agile coaching” should be? Can coaches cause change w/o explicit authority?
  • Is Agile the solution to all that ails a business? We sure seem to use Agile for a lot of problems. What might help companies improve results more than Agile today? What can we learn from Queuing systems and flow, “The Covid era” and remote working, Organizational design and development, and Management as a “service” (to people)
  • It seems like every year companies push for troublesome practices like “performance management”, metrics and measurements, accountability, etc. How can we finally realize these things in a healthy, productive way?

Performance management, Accountability, Measurement and metrics, and more!

Featuring a “daily debate” and multiple group-dialog-focused sessions throughout the week, the Audacious Salon is the place for the wisdom of the entire conference to emerge! Despite its audacious nature, the Salon is carefully designed for inclusion and participation and is a safe place to discuss beliefs.

You’re all invited to bring your wisdom and insights to the Audacious Salon at Agile 2023 and help create a world of work that is inclusive, flexible, and innovative. Come join the discussion!

Energizing People and Teams

Collaboration techniques and technologies are more sophisticated and creative than ever, giving us tools to bring ever richer and more diverse groups of humans together to solve the world’s wicked problems. After gathering those people into teams, how do we ignite their passion, tap into their collective brilliance and continuously foster their creative energy to amplify team performance?

As a community grounded in continuous improvement, we have constantly broadened our influences, expanded our knowledge, and borrowed from other disciplines to deepen our understanding and improve our ability to guide, support, lead, and do.

What have you learned lately? What have you tried? Whose influences have you brought to bear as you try to foster connection, collaboration, creativity and inspiration? How have you and your teams found new ways to achieve together? How is your team—dev team to exec team to volunteer team—stronger than ever?

We want this track to educate and energize Agile2023 attendees with new ideas, new connections, new techniques and new reasons to keep improving how we work together.

We expect this description to evolve as we learn more about the things that are interesting to us and the community at large.

Accelerating Products

Welcome to the Accelerating Products track!

This track hosts sessions all about products and the people who work on them. Sessions include: discovering and designing the product idea, linking the product strategy to the product delivered, measuring what matters, working with our customers, telling more compelling product stories, defining the future careers in the product discipline, and more.

While the term Accelerating Products might feel one dimensional it covers a plethora of different disciplines such as:

  • Discovering practices to help the work flow faster, smother, and better during delivery
  • Agile as an accelerant outside of software
  • Learning and leading how to make products more inclusive
  • Building sustainability into every step of the journey
  • Marketing and sales are an equally important part of product delivery; where are they on their Agile journeys
  • Successful organizational change management can dramatically improve the uptake of a new product

Do you have a story to tell, a novel practice that changed your world, or perhaps a journey you made towards a more sustainable product for a better world. If you do then we really want to hear about them, welcome to your home, Accelerating Products!

Enriching Organizations

How often do you attend sessions, gain a wealth of knowledge, and then struggle with how to operationalize it within your organization across hundreds to thousands of individuals? The Enriching Organizations track provides sessions on everyday problem-solving and specific and actionable advice you can bring back for experimentation.

For this track, show us how your topic relates to the needs of organizations. This track will explore topics including, but not limited to:

  • Systems thinking
  • Portfolios, roadmaps, and planning
  • Dependencies
  • Organizational structures, team formation, matrixed reporting
  • Career frameworks
  • Budgeting
  • Strategic goal-setting and tracking
  • Business operations
  • Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEBI) initiatives
  • Organizational change and modernization
  • ...and, of course, anything and everything at scale


Technology for All

We are status quo breakers, disability advocates, and technical evangelists creating space for innovation. So what if we could explore more ways technology can break barriers and engage in accessible solutions?

Tying into the extreme programming values of respect and courage, Technology is a world of constant change. Therefore, we must continue to share and learn together as a community. Technology for All aims to improve the technical competency of the agile community as well as find a way to bridge the gap between the needs of business and IT leaders.

This track will be devoted to thinking beyond the tech of today and finding means of exploring the future we desire. This track will explore topics including, but not limited to:

  • Technical topics for folks in non-technical roles
  • Accessibility in Agile
  • The role of AI in innovation and inclusion
  • Whole team programming
  • Test-driven development
  • Innovation and risk reduction

We are looking for people to share all the ideas, topics, conversations, and learnings in this space to help others make technology transformational for people, processes, cultures, and worlds.

Agile Essentials

Just entering the wonderful world of Agile, or looking to dip your toe into new aspects of Agility? Look out for Agile Essentials

For those who are new to Agile and/or to this conference community, Agile Essentials sessions in the first few days of the event will provide a brief, systematic overview of the roles, mindset, concepts, terminology, and essential practices you need as a foundation for your agile journey. We’ll cover how these themes play out across a wide range of common frameworks, so whether your organization has committed to a particular approach (or several) or you’re just starting to evaluate all the options, you’ll find content that directly addresses the ways agile shows up for you.

These sessions should help you feel more grounded in core agile principles and practices, and better prepared to embark on one or more learning pathways through the rest of the conference. At the conclusion of each session, we’ll provide specific recommendations for related sessions, as well as opportunities to get advice on your unique circumstances.