3 Agile Coaches Walk into a Bar
Paul Goddard Nigel Baker Geoff Watts

Join three agile coaches as they chat about how humour and improv have impacted their Agilist world.

  1. We will take a loving cheeky look at Agile aged 20… and other things that were popular twenty years ago!
  2. A chat about humour, humor (the US version!), puns, jokes, improv and Agile. 
  3. We’d thought we would do an Audience Q and A - Except the answers will be pre-written and drawn randomly from a bag! This maybe kind of like a lateral thinking game, or presentation karaoke. 
  4. We thought we’d also have a pre-written question bag, so if we don’t like a question we can humorously pick a pre-written replacement. 
  5. We may also play some improv games - “Things you wouldn’t expect a PO to say”, “Things you wouldn’t expect to hear at a retrospective”, “top ten benefits of an Agile virtual conference”, “The answer is” (that’s a bit like jeopardy) 
  6. Your funniest agile experiences (that you can share in a public forum with a code of conduct)
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