Baker Nigel
Full Name
Baker Nigel
Job Title
Agilebear Ltd
Speaker Bio
Visionary Enterprise CEO, Post-Agile (patent pending) Thought Leader, Best-Selling Author, Start-Up VC Catalyst, Angel Investor and Accelerator. Nigel is none of these things. Nigel is an Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer who has been around forever and tries unsuccessfully to be funny. Nigel’s preferred job title at the moment is “Unfunny Comedy Orc”. Unluckily for you, this bio is word-limited not character-limited so Nigel can talk about antidisestablishmentarianism and how he suffers from Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia. Nigel did warn you he tries *unsuccessfully* to be funny. Nigel was the BBC Radio Gloucester weekly quiz champion, defeating Paul Goddard and Geoff Watts. He will probably mention this on the panel. Nigel is currently offering coaching and training via his company AgileBear ltd - Only last week he tried to persuade some of the leading product managers in one of the most famous and successful worldwide technology companies that "Rock Lords" are a viable analogy for product management. You will now need to go look up Tonka’s 1980’s infamous toy line. Nigel has presented at dozens of conferences, chaired the 2011 London ScrumGathering and has furious hatred of writing bios.