Geoff Watts
Full Name
Geoff Watts
Job Title
Leadership Coach
Inspect & Adapt Ltd
Speaker Bio
Hello, I'm Geoff Watts! You might remember me from such heart-pounding tales as "Scrum Mastery", Product Mastery or Team Mastery, books full of riveting stories of post-its, whiteboards, and backlogs that would give War and Peace a run for it's money.
I'm also the co-author of the notable award-winning door-stop The Coach's Casebook, the book of Dad-gile Jokes Pun Mastery and a podcast in a pub...The Agile Pubcast.
And, writing aside, I'm on a fool's quest to make agile certification meaningful through Agile Mastery Institute. But above all that I'm a guy trying to make things a little better for other people.