Full Name
Biase De Gregorio
Speaker Bio
As a proudly South African and 1st generation Italian, I am an extremely passionate person. Not only passionate about football (soccer), food and travel, but also passionate about learning and sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. My greatest achievement (other than my family) are not those personal career milestones, but seeing change in people that I work or have worked with through the impact that either my team or I have had on that individual’s career or life journey. I strive to create an environment of safety for my family, team, customers and organisations that I work in.

As a Partner and head of the Agility offering at IQbusiness since 2012, I have built an amazing team of Agile consultants that share a common purpose of continuous learning and continuous improvement. Together with the team, we have trained close to 10,000 people on Agile topics and been involved in some of the largest Agile transformations in financial services industry. Our focus is on improving the speed and quality of delivery across the organisation’s value chain with the goal of improved customer experience, improved productivity and efficiency and improved return on investment - #GESHIDO

Live by the boy scout principle of "Leave the camp site in a better way than what you found it"
Biase De Gregorio