A little bit of luck, some design and a lot of hard work - My journey in creating a high-performing Agile practice in South Africa
Date & Time
Wednesday, June 14, 2023, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Biase De Gregorio

“Either stop doing Software development in your teams or change the way you do things?” This was what the CEO told me and my colleagues in 2011. As a consulting business in South Africa, our team developed custom built software for our clients, but as with most projects running waterfall, we were always late, over budget and negotiating scope. At that time, I was a qualified Project Management Professional (PMP) running large software projects and also looked after the SDLC for our company. Now I was challenged to change my thinking and our approach. Enter Agile and Scrum. We were lucky to contract a small Agile consulting company and they assisted us in piloting with 3 teams. We initially adopted agile internally for our software teams and within a short space of time our clients were asking us to help them change the way their teams build software. Combined with my passion for sharing my knowledge and experience, we built an initial training offering that quickly built traction in the market. Over time, we started building credibility and as the Agile movement started picking up speed in South Africa, so the demand increased. We managed to recruit some of the initial thought leaders in Agile and through increased personal and organisational brand awareness attracted some of the best Agile talent in the country. In 11 years, we grew from 1 person (me) to a team of 37 Agile consultants, trained over 10000 delegates, lead some of the largest Agile transformations at our clients and built a highly reputable brand within South Africa as a high-performing Agile consulting team. Overlay this with the challenges in South Africa (with Load-shedding (will be explained), increasing socio-political challenges and then COVID, this is my story of how we went about building a high-performing Agile consulting team in South Africa with a pinch of design, some luck and a lot of passion and hard work. This Experience Report is my personal experience and journey over the last 12 years from being a recovering Project Manager to an Enterprise Agile coach and consultant forming and leading an Agile practice in a very challenging South African environment and how these lessons can be applied to other organisations and the rest of the world.

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