Full Name
Tessa van den Berg
Deloitte Human Capital
Speaker Bio
Tessa is a Specialist Leader in the Deloitte Human Capital practice focusing on enterprise agility. She brings expertise and experience on redesigning organizational structures, roles and responsibilities, ways of working, (executive) decision making, measurement of impact (e.g., OKR, outcomes) and a practical approach to shifting mindsets and culture. These are valuable accelerators on the path to organizational adaptability. Each journey to scaling agility comes with a unique path that needs to be discovered without knowing all solutions up front. That is what Tessa enjoys most. In the global community of Business Agility enthusiast, Tessa has been a facilitator at the Business Agility Institute Global Conference, connecting people and a wealth of stories and experiences in a highly inspiring learning environment. She delivered her latest key-note at the Study of Enterprise Agility Conference (SEACON) in London in November 2022 on Sustainable Decision Making.
Tessa van den Berg