Full Name
Anthony Crain
Job Title
Business Agility and Strategy Consultant
ARC Enterprises
Speaker Bio
I help businesses develop strategies to achieve their business goals, to overcome obstacles, and to outperform their competition.
I am passionate about improving company culture, business agility, product mindset, lean portfolio management, gamification, enterprise transformation, teaching, public speaking, hypothesis testing, and generating excitement to change. I am interested in think tanks, using my orthogonal thinking to generate creative solutions that are unique, compelling and profitable.
My goal is to increase product flow and team happiness by healing antipatterns in corporate culture. I create high performing executive, business, operations, and development teams and teach them powerful techniques to get high quality work done faster and with more fun!
I also have created a smartphone app called Pocket Coach. The app helps teams identify which techniques and experiments they should try next to accelerate their value streams and improve their products. It uses gamification to accelerate skill growth for the organization.
Anthony Crain