What does Project to Product mean and how do we start?
Anthony Crain
Back in 2019 my client required that I read "Project to Product" by Mik Kersten before I was allowed to coach the organization. I listened to the audio, organized my thoughts, and said to the client "ok, I 'read' the book. Given your current state there's lots you aren't doing that the book suggest you should do." There response: "Oh, we read the book too. We didn't really understand what we needed to do. We were hoping you would explain it to us." And with that, my first of four to come project to product transformations began. And after having four under my belt, I have started to see patterns and repeatable steps to get going on this powerful journey. In this session, I will show you what project to product means, why it is so important, and then I'll share highly actionable steps to get moving on the journey! You will leave thinking, wow, I know what I need to do now! We will cover how to identify your products, and why this is so hard for many organizations. We will look at the difference between temporary agile teams and persistent ones, why that matters, and how product thinking will help you create more stable teams. And we'll touch on how funding works as well. We will also look at one of the biggest antipatterns I've seen in the agile industry: Epics, Features and Stories (or Initiatives, Epics and Stories if you prefer) that are really just work breakdown structures, not Value Delivery Structures. More simply: do your features (jira epics) represent actual product features? Or just a box of stories. Do the names sound like value? Or do they sound like actions the team has to take? Historically I see a lot of task-sounding features and stories instead of nuggets of value. We will also look at this pattern and how to correct it using product thinking.
Date & Time
Friday, July 26, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
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Accelerating products