Full Name
Claudia Orozco-Gomez
Job Title
Invested & Independent Agility Coach
CORO Consulting
Speaker Bio
Hi! I'm Claudia Orozco-Gomez and I help people work better together, on products and teams. We define what "better" means and then take it from there through a mix of pragmatism and experimentation.

Following a eureka moment, I understood what I wanted to contribute to the world of work and restarted my learning journey in search of "better ways" - for individuals, for teams and for work.
The rest of the story is under continuous construction.

After more than 15 years of practice, I've finally reached a place where I feel at ease with the Agility Coach label, and hope to pay it forward to this generous community we all belong to.

An Agile Uprising coalitioner, passionate practitioner and Agile ancillaries enthusiast... among many other things :)
Claudia Orozco-Gomez