Craig Smith
Full Name
Craig Smith
Job Title
Head of Organisational Performance at SoftEd
Speaker Bio
Craig Smith has been an Agile practitioner, coach and one of Australia’s premier Agile trainers for over twenty years. As the Head of Organisational Performance for SoftEd, a previous director of the Agile Alliance board and co-chair of the Agile Coaching Ethics and Community Group Support initiatives, co-organiser of the Agile Brisbane Meetup Group, advisor of Agile Australia and co-host of one of the world’s leading Agile Podcasts (The Agile Revolution), Craig is one of Australia’s heaviest contributors to the Agile community. Craig has presented at numerous local and international conferences and meetups. Craig specialises in all facets of Agile training, executive coaching and technical excellence by helping teams and organisations move quality to the left.