Exploring the Ethics of Agile Coaching
Craig Smith Shane Hastie Alex Sloley

Have you ever been in a gnarly situation where you really struggled to make a decision? Should I go left or should I go right? Should I go over or should I go under?? Should I stay or should I go??? How the heck do you navigate these messed up situations?! And at the end of it, how do you know whether what you chose to do was ‘right’?

Agile Coaching is hit and miss--there are no industry guidelines and standards around what good coaching is and active harm is being done by some unethical coaches out there today. While having a voluntary 'Code of Conduct' might not prevent this from happening, it could raise visibility around what good behaviors should be expected of a professional and ethical agile coach.

In this session we will look into the work that the community is doing as part of the Agile Alliance around Agile Coaching Ethics. We will ask why the work is needed, what has been done so far and what we can do as a community to support this work.

Learning Objectives
Learning Objectives:
* Can explain what Agile Coaching Ethics are and are not
* Can relate the current version of the Agile Coaching Code of Ethics to their own context
* Can have the opportunity to contribute to the work
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Agile Exchange
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