Konstantin Popov
Full Name
Konstantin Popov
Job Title
Managing Director
Speaker Bio
Konstantin has more than two decades of experience in Project Portfolio Management, Software Delivery, and Enterprise Business Agility. As a managing director, he leads a team of Enterprise Transformation Consultants and specialize in transformation strategy, large scale organization change, and workforce enablement.
Over the course his career Konstantin had a variety of positions in Project Portfolio Management focusing on delivering complex capital projects, building traditional PMO and LACE organization, and developing talent. At the core of his success is practical experience delivering results – Starting from where we are, only action, results and learning can convert vision and possibility to achievement- from possible, to probable, to done.
Recently Konstantin led Chevron Cloud Readiness Acceleration and Digital Enablement program introducing a holistic approach to Business Agility powered by the Scaled Agile Framework, global ecosystem of partners, world leading automation and DevOps practices, software engineering and cloud org capability.
By using this infrastructure re-platforming event as opportunity for modernization, digital enablement and automation Konstantin delivered the foundation that enabled Chevron’s enterprise-wide transformation to pivot from traditional organizational design to use of Digital Platforms in which business and IT folks are working together to deliver value.