Join us for the 2024 Agile Executive Forum


The Agile Executive Forum will bring executives and senior leaders together July 23-25 in Grapevine, Texas (near Dallas/Ft. Worth) to learn, share experiences, and make new professional connections – all within the Agile2024 conference*. The forum offers senior leaders a chance to discover how the Agile community's strengths and experiences have made a significant impact across industries worldwide.

*The Agile Executive Forum is a standalone event and does not require registration for the Agile2024 conference.
If you wish to also attend Agile2024, we offer a discounted rate during the forum's registration process.

A Unique Opportunity for High-Level Learning

Explore the obstacles to agility through an executive lens

Executives constantly seek strategies and operational practices to stay ahead of the competition, adapt to change, and deliver customer value more efficiently. Senior leaders' challenges often have little to do with team – or even team-of-teams-level practices. The Agile Executive Forum focuses instead on the organizational-level behaviors and capabilities that allow businesses to reap the benefits of agility.

This event brings together top experts and practitioners to address the challenges executives face on their journey toward increased organizational agility. You can expect to leave with a greater understanding of how to use your leadership skills to foster agility, operate more strategically, and build greater support for agility within your organizational culture.

Learn from real-world case studies

Participants in the Agile Executive Forum will delve into the experiences and insights of executives steering their organizations toward increased agility – and share their own stories. Learning from others’ achievements and setbacks can help senior leaders balance optimism with realism about their organization’s future.

Explore how other leaders cope with evolving demands and expectations in their roles. Share strategies for working with pushback from your executive peers. Enhance your ability to navigate the complexities and dynamic nature of today’s business environment.

Who Should Attend?

This dynamic and insightful track is specially designed for executives and senior leaders who are seeking to drive their organizations forward in today’s fast-paced business environment. Ideal participants include:

C-Level Executives

CEOs, CPOs, CIOs, CFOs, COOs, and others at the highest levels of organizational leadership who are looking to integrate Agile methods into their strategic planning and execution.

Senior Vice Presidents and Directors

Those who report to the C-Level and are in key decision-making roles responsible for overseeing departments or divisions and who are looking to enhance their leadership and operational efficiency through Agile practices, as well as enable digital transformation efforts.

What to Expect at the Agile Executive Forum

Discover your essential drivers of business performance

Participants in the Agile Executive Forum see value delivery and customer satisfaction as crucial to organizational success. At the same time, they believe in the importance of employee empowerment and collaboration. This event will help you focus on the critical levers to drive internal and external outcomes aligned with your organization’s goals.

Identify the critical constraints within your organization that limit agility the most

Attendees at the Agile Executive Forum are committed to continuous improvement and operational excellence. The obstacles to progress change over time; what held you back two years ago is likely not what’s holding you back now. These sessions will help you to find the key obstacles to reaching your current goals with agility – and how to address them.

Explore strategies for overcoming executive resistance and dealing with entrenched silos and politics

The leaders who attend the Forum possess strong leadership and decision-making skills. In most organizations, that isn’t enough to drive cross-cutting improvements – precisely what operating with greater agility requires. The forum will help you learn from your peers how they have overcome similar challenges and how you can apply those techniques to your organization.

Find effective ways to cope with the evolving demands and expectations on you

Executives coming to the Agile Executive Forum know their job today isn’t the same as it was three years ago. They don’t expect it to be the same three years from now. They’re open to new ideas and are willing to experiment. This day and a half will explore how your role as an executive is changing and ways to work through ambiguity and uncertainty.

Build your network of like-minded executives and industry leaders

People attending the Agile Executive Forum are not just participants but also contributors. People come to the forum to learn from experts, including peers who have faced similar challenges. This event provides an opportunity to connect with other executives in ways that enhance everyone’s learning.

Don’t Miss This Incredible Opportunity!

We invite you to embrace this chance to deepen your understanding of Agile, rethink your current ideas, and learn new ways to handle its complexities. This experience will equip you to guide your organization with resilience, insight, and a balanced approach to innovation and growth.