Full Name
Paula Kvedaras
Job Title
Enterprise Agile Coach
Consultora BK
Speaker Bio
Paula is Scrum.Inc fellow, Scrum & Scrum@Scale Trainer by Scrum Inc., and the co-founder of ConsultoraBK®, an Agile consulting firm in South America dedicated to training Scrum teams and implementing the Agile methodologies and tools necessary for organizational success. In addition to having over 15 years of experience in the management and coaching of international projects, Paula has a distinct, and admirable, passion for education.

When asked about her experience teaching in universities Paula simply responds with, “I teach what I love.”

Over the course of the last 10 years, Paula has assisted many universities in South America, to develop, iterate, and teach agile and Scrum course content that will help project management students excel in the workplace post-graduation. From 2018 she is the Director of the post-graduate program "Agile methodologies for project and product management" at ITBA (Technological Institute of Buenos Aires) where she even teaches using Scrum framework. Paula combines her experience in implementing and teaching Scrum professionally with her project management background to deliver relevant, diverse material. Paula’s distinctive passion for agility and the benefits of Scrum training perfectly compliments her “hands-on” learning approach. Whether she is training in-house with clients or at university, she believes students must implement what they learn to truly grasp concepts. To Paula, “if you don’t practice, you won’t understand fully.”

Paula’s fierce dedication to teaching and implementing Scrum, regardless of the context, company size, or industry, is apparent from her professional experience, of course, but also in her contribution to the Scrum Inc. Trainer Community. Paula, and ConsultoraBK®, a Scrum@Scale Transformation Partner, has led a number of initiatives to increase awareness and demand of Scrum and the Scrum@Scale framework in South America. In 2019, Paula coordinated with Scrum Inc. to host Dr. Jeff Sutherland virtually at Agiles 2019, and contributed to the Scrum@Scale Case Study Library with her presentation on “Organic Growth in a Highly Regulated Industry.”
Paula Kvedaras