Full Name
Jessica Guistolise
Job Title
Lucid Software
Speaker Bio
Jessica Guistolise is an Evangelist and Agile Coach for Lucid. Jessica is passionate about individuals, teams, organizations and leaders unlocking their fullest potential. She brings her love of humans and creativity to work and play every day.

Jessica has 7 years of experience as an Agile practitioner, consultant, facilitator and coach. She has expertise in Agile and DevOps Dojo’s, and a keen interest in experiential learning. She has been responsible for advising and guiding Fortune 100 and 500 clients in the rollout of Agile Transformations and has co-created multiple products for consultancies to support Agile Transformations.

Jessica delights in community, collaboration and continuous improvement. She currently engages with recognized thought leaders to share their insights on the subjects of agility, collaboration, facilitation, teaming and workplace culture. When she’s not found empowering individuals and teams, she can be found at home snuggling with her spouse and two playful pups.
Jessica Guistolise