Dojo - The Secret Sauce for Faster Transformation
Jessica Guistolise Brendon Hernandez

The future is faster than you think, and as teams and organizations, we need to be able to pivot and adapt quickly. In order to take advantage of emerging technologies, respond to global changes, and create an environment where we can learn and change at a sustainable pace, we need to do something different. Through the experience of bringing hundreds of teams through Agile and DevOps Experiential Dojos, we believe there are some key learnings any team or organization can implement that achieve the sustainable adaptable growth needed in today’s world. Dojo is a 6 week experience that incorporates extremely fast cycles and team challenges that utilizes brain science, experiential adult learning, deep collaboration, and gamification to transform teams. This transformation happens in just 6 weeks, during which, teams are still accomplishing their committed-to work! We would like to bring the learnings and practical application of the hyper-fast experimentation to you. No matter your industry, or the problems you face, your organization would benefit from the speed of transformation that Dojo enables.

Date & Time
Tuesday, July 19, 2022, 10:45 AM - 12:00 PM
Location Name
Ryman Studio MNO
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Enriching Organizations, Sponsored by Lucid
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