Lessons Learned in Becoming a Product-Centric Organization
Ellen Gottesdiener Toby Sinclair

How do you shift from a component, technology aligned organization to a product-centric organization? This is a challenge many organizations are now facing as they aspire to go beyond agile at the team level and align their whole organization for product-centric discovery and delivery.

This experience report shares the story of a transformation to product-centricity within a large, global financial services organization. The story plays out over several years building upon the foundations laid by an earlier agile transformation. With strong senior support, Toby was part of the core team to lead this journey. He partnered with Ellen as an agile product coach to tackle all the changes that entailed. They have solved some problems, identified some new challenges, and have many lessons learned that could help other organizations on this journey.

In this experience report, we follow the journey toward product-centricity within a large, global financial services firm. In particular, we focus on the products used internally by employees. You learn the actions we took to build a product mindset and establish safety, and the resultant structural and organizational changes made. We will share what we have learned about ways to address challenges, avoid pitfalls, recommendations for engaging product and agile coaches, and patterns we discovered about large-scale transformation to product-centricity. 

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Experience Report