The Art of Unlearning: A Conscious Choice for successful Agile Transformation
Savita Pahuja

It’s been 20 years of the Agile Manifesto. It’s still impactful and relevant; however, many agile transformations aren’t getting the expected outcomes. Nowadays, many people have become familiar with Agile frameworks; nonetheless, their myths get into the way of bringing improvements. Are you struggling to build high performing teams even when team members know Agile and have been using it for a long time? Are you open to trying the art of unlearning based on neuroscience to start over your transformation from a clean slate?

This session will cover unlearning and relearning based on neuroplasticity and how to use it in agile work environments. The most useful learning isn’t usually a strict addition of new knowledge, but first unlearning something false or unhelpful. The first challenge of unlearning is that people are likely to dismiss it when something contradicts their current understanding. However, it has become apparent that organizations must unlearn their old ways of thinking to embrace innovation and creativity.

To support this process, learn how to rewire the brain through mental training. In this session, we will look into one particular method called FEED (Focus, Efforts, Effortlessness, Determination) that helps us rewiring the brain and create space to learn new things. Reference Article: Reference Slides:

Learning Objectives
1. The importance of unlearning to experiment with different ways of working.
2. The challenges of unlearning
3. FEED method from Neuroscience to unlearn old habits and learn new ones.
Learning Level
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