Full Name
Maarit Laanti
Job Title
SAFe Fellow, SPCT
Speaker Bio
Ph.D. Maarit Laanti is SAFe Fellow, SAFe SPCT, and a pioneer of scaling agile methods. She has been nominated in the LIA100 initiative amongst one of the 100 women in the world who have contributed most to Lean and Agile. SAFe Fellow is the most prestigious distinction that can be awarded to individuals who have exhibited the highest levels of thought leadership and transformational expertise in implementing the Scaled Agile Framework. She has contributed Lean-Agile finance & control to SAFe 3.0 and trained SAFe over 3000 persons. 10 years ago, she founded Nitor Delta, a company specializing in large-scale agile transformations. Her Ph.D. from 2013 was based on the 10-year research she did while working for Nokia leading the largest agile transformation at a time. Is the world’s first dissertation on Scaling Agile, titled “Agile Methods in Large-Scale Software Development Organisations – Applicability and Model for Adoption”.
Maarit Laanti