How Agilists support sustainability across society
Date & Time
Thursday, June 15, 2023, 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
Sathpal Singh Joanne Stone Scott Seivwright

The Agile community has the power to lead the way in addressing the pressing issue of climate change, sustainability in business, and other planetary challenges locally and globally. Join us in exploring the challenges and opportunities of building a more sustainable future through exploratory and collaborative outcome-centred conversation via the power of the World Café technique. Facilitated by experts in the field, this workshop will bring together participants to engage in meaningful and inspiring discussions around the role of Agile in promoting sustainability in the workplace and further afield in wider society. With 12-200 participants, the World Café format will draw on seven design principles to create a dynamic and interactive environment for learning and exchanging ideas with a focus on action and positive impact. Some of the topics to be explored include What does sustainability mean? The Agile community's role in driving sustainability in business The impact of remote work on the environment and how Agile can promote a greener future Building sustainable communities of practice in a hybrid work environment How Agile principles can drive environmental and social responsibility in business The role of leadership in promoting sustainability in Agile organisations Strategies for building more inclusive and equitable communities that prioritise sustainability The future of work in a post-carbon world and the impact of ongoing planetary evolution. What agility can do in our local communities to work with the social, economic, and climate challenges Our facilitators, Sathpal Singh, Joanne Stone and Scott Seivwright, have a wealth of experience in the Agile community and a real passion for sustainability and social impact. Sath is Lead Organiser of The Future of Work in Scotland and Co-Founder and Co-hosts the "MakingCommunity"podcast. Sath is the Chair of the BCS Agile Methods Special Group and a regular international conference speaker. Joanne is Co-Founder and Community Moderator of Agility Impact, ,and Founder of Wick’d Agility, host of the “Wicked and Agile” Podcast and founder of the Agile Mentorship Program in Toronto. Scott is co-founder of The Heart of Agile Scotland, Co-Founder and Co-host of the "Making Community" podcast and regular speaker and facilitator at Agile meetups and conferences.

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Expo, 1st floor
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Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179
Amsterdam 1019 HC
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Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
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Agility Impact
Wicked Problems
Planetary Challenges
Climate Action
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Sustainability: agile impacting sustainable future
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