The Inner Game of Leadership Agility
Date & Time
Thursday, June 15, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Michael Hamman

In his landmark book, “The Inner Game of Tennis”, Tim Galway spoke of tennis as both an “Outer” and an “Inner” Game: the former is played against an opponent, while the latter is played in one’s mind. The main point of Galway’s book was that the “Inner” Game always governs the “Outer” Game. I suggest that something similar is at work in regards to the game of life called ‘Leadership Agility’. Leadership Agility is often defined as the ability to take effective action in the face of complexity and uncertainty. And, just as it is with tennis, the game called ‘leadership agility’ is both an Outer game--involving skill, competence, know-how and savvy--and an Inner game--involving deep awareness (of self and others), sensemaking complexity, self-management, and presence. In this highly interactive and lively session, we will leverage a unique blend of human technologies and practices drawn from the fields of adult development, complexity thinking, and experiential learning to uncover the underlying (and largely hidden) ‘operating system’ that determines our capacity for leaderful impact in the world. We begin by introducing a couple of big ideas as they relate to the nature of human ‘meaning-making’. We then explore, experientially, some of the ways in which our own assumptions, beliefs, and psychological strategies silently obstruct our ability to fully realize our own capacity for impactful leadership agility. The session promises to be both informative and eye-opening. You will certainly come away from this session with a richer understanding of the nature of human sensemaking and leadership agility. But, more importantly, you will leave the session with a deeper understanding of your own personal leadership possibility, and one or two inner patterns that might impede the realization of that possibility.

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Grote Zaal, 2nd floor
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Pakhuis de Zwijger
Piet Heinkade 179
Amsterdam 1019 HC
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Intermediate, Advanced
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Leadership Agility
Inner Development
Inner Agility
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Leadership and Culture