Transformational Leadership for Digital Agility
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Thursday, June 15, 2023, 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Jui Rohan Kudav

In The new era of Digital transformation, the need within businesses to innovate is giving rise to a phenomenal pace of change. It’s not about simply changing processes over to digital ways of working - or simply ‘doing digital’ better - the focus instead needs to be on ‘being digital’. Organizations are finding the need of moving towards fast decision-making frameworks and feedback loops, higher Customer Centricity, Lesser time to market and Continuous innovation culture. This move from doing to being is many times impeded by peculiar dysfunctions around Trust, Commitment, Fear, Power, Accountability, Collaboration and outcomes faced by leaders and their teams. The Experience Report speaks about practical experience of implementation with European Banking Customer Account Leadership for my organization. I have taken the Leadership organization for 5 key dimensions of transformation which are Visionary Leadership, Cultural Leadership, Collaborative leadership, Innovative Leadership and Servant Leadership. I conducted Visual Radiator workshop with the Leaders and their team so that they create the big picture view and vision for their own Tribes and Squads. The Culture awareness and gamification experiential learning helped them to generate awareness on high and low context cultures applying all 7 dimensions of Erin Meyers maps. The leaders were taken through workshop of constellations to understand their leadership styles on is it a power or empowerment-based leadership approach they take for their team and were asked to self-reflect and coached on improvement plans towards empowerment-based leadership. Then we conducted a business value quantification panel discussions to understand what are nuances leaders and team can learn together to help them quantify the business value they are delivering for their end customers. Leaders were also coached on receiving and giving performance feedback in low and high context culture using Skits and role plays. There was a experiential learning workshop on Servant leadership techniques where i took them through servant leadership essentials, Leading by example, Stories and games on role play as power based leader to moving to empowerement based enablers active listening and empathizing skills. The leaders also learnt the art of innovation from Nature as a mentor with all examples using Innovation using Biomimicry. I will be sharing with audience the details of all these workshops conducted with leaders for changing them from power to empowerment based approach of thinking as a leader.

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