Full Name
Jon Kern
Job Title
Agile Consultant, Adaptavist.com
The Adaptavist Group
Speaker Bio
Co-author Agile Manifesto. Co-author Java Design.
Jon is fortunate to be at Adaptavist where he and some colleagues have been creating, experimenting, and refining new ways to help teams and organizations become more capable in facing the complex challenges that seem to be everywhere you turn. With Adaptavist’s backing, we are creating a community collaboration space at ReimaginingAgile.com that will unfold over the course of 2024. “We” being the RA Launch Group: Heidi Musser, Jim Highsmith, Jon Kern, Sanjiv Augustine.

Jon began his career as an aerospace engineer doing testing and R&D on jet engines in the early 80s. He soon discovered the power of software and worked on flight simulation models of the F-14, agile fighter maneuverability research with the X-31, numerous real-time flight control systems, and man-machine integration research through the early 90s.

He began to dive more deeply into software engineering, design, and architecture, publishing a lightweight software methodology in 1995, and co-founding a boutique software engineering company. Along the way, he was mentored by Peter Coad, and in 2000 they co-founded TogetherSoft – creators of a market-leading UML modeling tool (bought by Borland in 2003). Jon also created and led the group of mentors/consultants, in addition to being the Product Owner of the core product and of an innovative new application. Jon has consulted with dozens of companies over the years and has been involved with various start-ups. To this day, you will find Jon practicing what he preaches (domain modeling, BDD, TDD, CI/CD, blue-green deploy, etc.) on a production app for firefighters, schools, industry, etc., for pre-incident planning – saving lives and property.

In short, Jon is passionate about helping teams succeed in delivering value through software. He seeks better ways for teams to accomplish their goals from the perspectives of people (mindset and culture), process, and technology (tools). Jon likes to help teams build a developmental environment that enables effective practices, learning, solid architecture, agile development, quality-by-design (not accident), and laser-like focus on delivering value.
Jon Kern