Full Name
Caitlin Walker
Job Title
Walker and Way Ltd
Speaker Bio
Dr Caitlin Walker is an author, the developer of Clean for Teams and Systemic Modelling and an internationally sought after keynote, presenter and facilitator with experience in a wide range of business and academic events. She is a compelling speaker who specialises in audience participation and live interactions. A sample of speaking events are shared below.
Women in Agile November 2022: Keynote: Breaking and resetting boundaries in order to be at your best.
Agenda Shift - May 2021: Presentation: Clean Set-Up - setting outcome orientated intentions for an event or relationship
Agile Boston On-line 2020: Keynote: Gathering Scrum Requirements with Clean Language Interviewing
Agile Alliance Washington 2019: Audacious Salon Facilitator: Anti fragility, Collaboration and Agile
ICF on Tour Brussels Oct 2015: Keynote: Creating the conditions for organisations to coach themselves
Caitlin Walker