Full Name
Jo Masraff
Job Title
Agile and Sustainability Coach
AND Digital
Speaker Bio
Based in the Greater Edinburgh Area, Joanna Masraff is a renowned Agile and Sustainability Coach and Delivery Lead, distinguished for her passion for sustainability and diversity in tech and business. With her belief in the power of small changes to make a significant impact, Joanna has dedicated her career to helping individuals, teams, and companies not only deliver value but also improve continuously in a way that benefits the planet and enhances overall happiness.

Joanna's journey in the agile world is marked by her role in co-leading the Agilists4Sustainability meetup group, and the Agilists4Planet conference, which focuses on the positive impacts of Agile thinking and practices on environmental, societal, economic, and personal challenges. Through this platform, she empowers people to take their first steps towards meaningful change by sharing inspiring stories of others making a real impact.

As co-founder of Green PO, she envisions a world where sustainability practises are a part of BAU and every PO is a Green PO. Offering training to enable the inevitable transition to a sustainable version of itself.

Her professional repertoire includes significant experience as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, and trainer. Joanna's extensive skills encompass a broad range of technical IT and business areas, making her a creative and effective problem solver. She has a proven track record as an ambassador for change, consistently driving progress through recurrent analysis and process improvement.

Joanna Masraff's approach to coaching and training is infused with her superb energy and exceptional communication skills, making her a sought-after speaker and leader in the Agile community.
Jo Masraff