Full Name
John Barratt
Job Title
Agile Affinity, Agile Coach
Agile Affinity LLP
Speaker Bio
John is a passionate about helping individuals, teams, and organisations reach their full potential. With a military background and experience coaching in various industries, John has developed a unique coaching style that combines the principles of business agility with other coaching approaches.

John specialises in helping organisations simplify and become more resilient and has a proven track record of delivering these results. He uses various tools and methods, including outcome-based coaching and systemic modelling, to help clients identify their goals and achieve measurable results.

Some of John's recent successes include helping IAG Loyalty meet its ambitious targets during turbulent COVID times whilst reducing staff turnover, Creating an internal training and coaching capability for Maersk saving a year in external costs and helping Vodafone's Secure Net product pass 20 million paid subscribers.

In his free time, John is a voracious learner and enjoys attending meetups and conferences worldwide to discover new ideas and learn from others.
John Barratt