Work Smarter - build Intelligent organisations and teams with the help of Cognitive Science
Daniel Susser
An agile organisation is an intelligent organisation. In this workshop we will be learning how to build more agile organisations using the study of intelligence - Cognitive Science. Cognitive Science is an interdisciplinary field studying intelligence and mind. It takes findings from Psychology, Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, Anthropology and Linguistics to build a picture of what a mind is, and how intelligence works in a complex and dynamic world. It is full of fascinating and relatable insights about how we come to understand the world around us, evaluate options, and choose the best ones for the situation at hand. Our teams and organisations are also trying to solve problems in a complex world, however some of our innate personal intelligence is lost behind the structures and patterns that we create when we problem solve together. If we can understand intelligence through the lenses of Cognitive Science, we can understand how to build better organisations. This talk is for leaders, agility practitioners, and anyone with experience trying to build a great organisation or team. Whether you're looking to find even more greatness, or put out a flaming dumpster fire, there will be something in this workshop for you. This practical-focussed session will show you how simple tools based in Cognitive Science can help you with pragmatic and wise problem solving. We will introduce the core concepts from Cognitive Science and use them to learn: - an overarching framing for how to think about building an intelligent organisation, using the 4 Es of Cognitive Science - Practical tools for helping your teams to identify areas of improvement and become more intelligent
Date & Time
Friday, July 26, 2024, 1:30 PM - 4:15 PM
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Enriching organizations