Deceiving Ourselves: 10 Lies That Organisations Tell
Ryan Brook Sander Dur
The talk is for those who are struggling to breakdown barriers in organisations and want to know that they are not alone with their struggles. Using a fictitious case study of a product development organisation (Magnum Opus), we will talk through the antipatterns that they are facing with an attempt to 'do' Agile. We want to try and disrupt the idea that organisational change has to be slow. The talk is designed to be at odds with many other conferences talks attended. It is rooted in empathy and humor, with anecdotes and audience participation to make it personal. It is a 'troublemaker' session, structured to disrupt the status quo that is present in many organisations by pointing out the stupidity (in many cases!) of process. Instead of focusing on goals, the 'Lies' that are talked about are system-focused i.e. consider the process rather than the aim, and only by changing the system can goals be purposely achieved.
Date & Time
Thursday, July 25, 2024, 11:00 AM - 12:15 PM
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Enriching organizations