The Sustainable Agile Organisation
Peter Coesmans
Your organisation IS on a sustainability journey. And potentially on a business agility journey. But is it combining these two journeys to reap the real benefits? Join the movement! We're not living in times of change, we're living in change of times. Many reports show that for organisations to survive and thrive in these times, they not only need to be able to pivot, to adapt and learn, to bring value to their staff and of course their customers. But also that they need to care about social and ecological impact of themselves and their (complete) value chains, ensuring minimum negative impact and high value. Without a focus on sustainability, how can you be really providing value? Organisations need to become ever more sustainable, Socially sustainable, Ecologically Sustainable, Economically Sustainable. The journey to become more sustainable is a learning journey. Join (GPM) , the not for profit think tank for sustainability, and Agile Business Consortium, the not for profit professional body for business agility, as they join forces to discuss the sustainable agile organisation. Combining the powers and insights of both, truly a magnificent opportunity. How does business agility support the sustainability journey? How does explicit focus on sustainability support the agility journey? The authors will share the insights from a White Paper they have authored. We want to start a movement in the agility world, to support sustainability. We want to start a movement in the sustainability world, to show agility is the way forward. Do you want to become part of this movement? Join us!
Date & Time
Wednesday, July 24, 2024, 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM
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Enriching organizations