Michael de la Maza
Full Name
Michael de la Maza
Job Title
Certified Enterprise Coach
Speaker Bio
Michael de la Maza is a Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC; formerly known as Certified Scrum Coach). He has a PhD in Computer Science from MIT, was VP of Corporate Strategy at Softricity (acquired by Microsoft in 2006), cofounded AnswerFriend (acquired by Oracle in 2011), and cofounded the New England F# User Group (fsug.org). He can be reached at michael.delamaza@gmail.com. He is the co-author of two books, Professional Scrum with TFS and Agile Values (to be published).

As an agile consultant, he has worked with edX, PayPal, State Street, Carbonite, Symantec, and many other companies. As an angel investor, he has invested in a dozen startups including Amino and LovePop.