Dion Stewart
Full Name
Dion Stewart
Job Title
Dojo and Co
Speaker Bio
Dion Stewart is a coach, mentor, developer, author, and international speaker. He helps organizations improve their product delivery, addressing practices from product discovery through DevOps. He is a co-founder of Dojo and Co, a company that has helped over a dozen organizations create dojos.

Dion is a long-time proponent of agile methods. He was first exposed to the values, principles, and practices that were eventually codified into the Extreme Programming methodology while working as a Smalltalk developer in the late 1990s. He’s been learning better ways of building digital products and helping organizations improve their product delivery ever since.

He is co-author of the book "Creating Your Dojo: Upskill Your Organization for Digital Evolution". The book guides organizations in how to become learning organizations through the use of immersive learning centers called dojos.

He enjoys working in situations where he is able to combine his interests in learning models, organizational change, and product development. Outside of work, Dion enjoys playing and recording music, meditation, and playing with his pets. For more information, visit dojoandco.com.