Kaelin Burns
Full Name
Kaelin Burns
Job Title
VP of Product
Speaker Bio
Kaelin has over 10 years of experience working in product and tech, with an emphasis on B2B and internal innovation. She is currently the Director of Product at Artium, a software development consultancy, where she has helped brands such as Lionsgate, Aperture, and Suited build extraordinary software, adopt best practices, and create a culture of collaboration.

Her passion for problem-solving, enthusiasm for learning, and desire for deep collaboration has served her well while building products at startups, growth-stage, and enterprise companies. Her lightweight and holistic approach to product development is born out of a lit major’s quest for clarity in communication, a love of Extreme Programming (XP) via DevBootcamp, and the belief that the best thing about technology is that there is always so much to learn.

Through launching products and fostering innovation while supporting current business, she has created a strong framework for product discovery that informs both product and business strategy. As a lifelong learner, nothing energizes her more than the opportunity to share what she has learned with people who are equally passionate.