IEEE Software - The Organisation's missing link to Business Agility
Klaus Leopold

Flight Levels take off - literally. More and more organisations are moving away from local agile sub-optimisation. They are using Flight Levels to enable the entire organisation to act agile in the market. In this session, I will present how you can use Flight Levels to implement the corporate strategy to make sure that the organisation focuses on outcomes and not just outputs.

Learning Objectives
Participants will…
- see how companies apply Flight Levels in their daily business;
- learn how companies apply Flight Levels to avoid agile team sub-optimisation;
- at which levels of an organisation agility needs to be established;
- how to connect the different levels
- how to establish business agility from strategy to operationalisation.
Agile Exchange
Session Type
Agile Exchange
Flight Levels, Business Agility, Strategy, Operationalisation