Special Event: Agility Health Networking Event

If you are facing a talent gap in your shift to Digital and Agile ways of working, you’re not alone. Many leaders have a real need to accelerate and scale developing new roles and re-skilling existing team members on new practices and ways of working. 

At this event we will take a deep dive into the top priority roles including Team Coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Release Train Engineers and Managers.  We will have a 10 to 15 minute overview on how to scale and accelerate the development of Digital and Agile skills by measuring individual role maturity across defined competencies with a Learn > Measure > Grow > Mentor approach. 

Then we will host four breakout sessions around how to scale these roles in your organization. 

We will end our time together with a 15-minute open discussion and sharing of ideas. 

Join Sally Elatta, the founder and CEO of AgilityHealth, and her team, as they lead the discussion on ways to enable and up-skill key Agile & Digital roles and create a culture of continuous learning.

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