Taming the Agile Chaos: Real Stories from the Trenches
Ronnie Pinkerton AJ Shavell NORMAN GARRETT Brook Appelbaum Bob DeMaria

Scaling Agile has always been a quest to deliver more of the right value, but what happens when it isn’t working the way you’d hoped? How do you determine that your organization isn't as Agile as it thinks? Or know when your scaling Agile practices need to change?  Worse yet, how do you know when it’s time to organize your scaling efforts in a decidedly different, more articulate, and valuable way? 
Enter Agile Program Management, the funny way to say, “Taming the Agile Chaos.” Hear from Planview Solution Consultant and Solution Architecture experts, Ben Hood, Norman Garrett, AJ Shavell and Ronnie Pinkerton as they talk through their time in the scaling Agile trenches, and how they uncover the need for Agile Program Management every day as Planview’s Agile experts. 

During this panel discussion you will hear: 
•    How Agile chaos manifests in businesses of all sizes and levels of maturity 
•    Real customer examples and stories showcasing the difficulties it causes 
•    How Agile Program Management can quell these concerns and provide a foundation for scaling success 


Learning Objectives
During this panel discussion you will hear: -Real customer examples and stories showcasing different Agile competencies -Why culture really is a critical barrier to scaling Agile successfully -How Agile Program Management can organize, plan, and coordinate your Agile teams -How to evolve your PI or Quarterly Planning process based on agility -About the different approaches to and maturity of Agile Program Management
Agile Exchange
Session Type
Agile Exchange
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