Can Scrum Be Significantly More Successfully Applied?
Christina Lovelock Jeff Sutherland Dave West Mike Cohn Ivar Jacobson

Scrum is the most commonly used agile framework, having been used for more than 25 years and all over the world. Over a million people have been certified as Scrum Masters.
However, Scrum is plagued with dysfunction in over 50% of teams. This causes projects to be late, over budget, with unhappy customers.

Given the usefulness of Scrum and its enormous popularity, it is the obligation of those who care deeply about methods to dramatically, not just marginally, improve the success rate of adopting Scrum. This panel will discuss such ways, both to improve Scrum itself and how Scrum is adopted.

This is a live session and audience participation is encouraged. Share your questions and comments in the chat!

Learning Objectives
This is a panel discussion. What should come out of this discussion is what can be done to make Scrum more successful both when it comes to getting a better Scrum practice and a better way of adopting it.
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