There has to be a better way: How agile practices and tools can help your company grow
kelly Drozd

The ability to pivot in a rapidly changing market, accelerate business decisions, and respond to customer demands is a major competitive advantage. However, as organizations grow, it’s easy to get stuck in silos and quickly outgrow processes and tools that once helped teams deliver value quickly to customers. Agile practices can help alleviate some of these pain points, but if true business agility the goal, then the real challenge is scaling agile across teams, programs, and the entire company, which is a daunting task. At Atlassian we have seen countless companies successfully navigate these changes, and we have learned from others who have struggled with scale. In this session, we will share some lessons learned based on what we have seen first-hand with companies of all sizes that have gone through this process and help you figure out:

  • the right mindset for scale
  • friends and foes in your scaling journey
  • what hinders scaling agile across your organization and how to get ready
  • how to identify and optimize the right tools for your agile journey
  • what are early indicators that you’re ready for the next step in enterprise agility
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