"Winds of Change"-Approaching an organization-wide transformation
Sankar Govindan

"The current way of working is perfectly fine. Why do we need to change?", "We are racing towards meeting our milestones and cannot afford to experiment with lean/agile practices now", "Show us where these practices have worked". These statements might seem familiar if you are somebody who is responsible for driving a lean/agile transformation across a midsize/large organization. How to kickstart the transformation? How to get the management buy-in? How to drive the transformation across a heterogenous organization with business units that are diverse in nature? If you have been pondering over these questions, then our lean transformation journey at the Siemens Healthineers Development Center in India might interest you. Here, we attempt to present our experiences in driving a transformation based on the Healthineers Performance System (HPS). Key topics that would be covered in the presentation would include: How we spaced our transformation across years The initial steps that we took and how we obtained the management buy-in Factors to be considered when driving a transformation The various hats a transformation manager has to don when driving the transformation The outcomes achieved from our transformation so far

Learning Objectives
-Giving direction to the transformation by establishing a Vision is very important
-Showing the first results and getting the management buy-in gives impetus to the transformation
-Approaching the transformation in an agile way using short increments/cycles with inspect & adapt events helps
Agile Exchange
Session Type
Experience Report
Transformation_Journey, lean-agile, Leadershipbehavior, Change-Management