Discuss-Define-Do: Playing your way to amazing goals
Angie Doyle Talia Lancaster

Is your team battling to focus on what matters? Are team members pulling in different directions because they are not aligned on what they need to do? Do you want to adopt a technique that can help your team achieve focus, results, alignment, and transparency? Teams often battle to make the switch from top-down driven goals to a collaborative process. As a result, outcomes land up being too broad, can’t be measured, or are too abstract for the team to know where to start. Let’s take the guesswork out of goals! In this session, we will talk about how to help teams focus on what really matters. By asking the right questions and encouraging collaboration, teams can clarify their intended outcome, and identify ways to measure their success. You will have an opportunity to play a board game that helps teams refine their goals by covering three themes: * “Discuss” the impact a specific measurement will have on the team, organization, and customers * “Define” the best way to track progress towards the goal * “Do” or take ownership of the actions needed to achieve the goal Join us as we play our way to amazing goals!

This session will NOT be recorded. Attendance is first come, first serve. 

This session will be delivered on Zoom.

Learning Objectives
* Construct high-value team outcomes
* Apply prompting questions to refine metrics against the intended objectives
* Learn the importance of team collaboration when setting goals
Session Type
people, OKRs, gamification, Goals