Emotional culture - what is it and how to co-create it?
Jakub Jurkiewicz

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" but what is culture and how can we shape it?

Let's explore why emotional culture matters to building a more high performing and connected team in a more human and empathetic way. You will leave this talk with an understanding of a framework to engage leaders, teams and individuals in discussions about emotions at work. It will give people the freedom to participate, be vulnerable and share what they feel and how they want to feel, allowing your people and leaders to take actions and genuinely start to shape the culture in your organisation.

Come and learn how to unlock the potential of vulnerability and empathy, and how to increase motivation, commitment, creativity, satisfaction, decision making and collaboration.

Learning Objectives
Understand the concept of the emotional culture and its role in organisations and teams
Understand what motivates people and what drives their behaviours in the workplace
Understand the difference between values and emotions within team culture and why you need to focus on more than just values
Be able to facilitate a conversation about emotional culture with leaders, teams and individuals
Be able to help team teams and leaders come up with tangible actions to start shaping the culture
Develop skills to help your teams and people become more empathetic
Session Type
Leadership, people, culture hacks, Culture, team-building, safety, game, emotions, vulnerability