The Secret to Leading Change
Emilia Breton-Lake

Are you a leader embarking on deep cultural change? Do you feel like the harder you push the more your teams feel change is something to be feared and avoided; that it is the killer of projects and companies? Are you worried about disruption lurking around every corner? Do you want to lead change and be a disruptor or be disrupted and watch your company go the way of Kodak and Blockbuster? The secret to leading through change is empathy. Many teams in the midst of organizational change say it feels like the goalposts move every day. They question if leaders understand how much pain this change is causing them. Resistance to change often grows making the change journey we need to make internally even harder. Resistance to change often grows making our internal change journey even harder. In this talk you will connect with the churn those teams feel everyday including decision paralysis, frustration, that can ultimately lead to complete disengagement. You will learn strategies to build your empathy for those teams. With this new found empathy we will examine the feelings, actions and signals you observed when faced with your own sharp pivots of change, and unfold new ways to engage and lead through change. Come to this session to connect with your own change journey and support your teams in theirs.

Learning Objectives
Recognize and empathize with the pain change can create for those you are leading.
Explore change edges, edge behavior and a leaders role in helping others move over the edge.
Create experiences to lead others across the edge of change.
Session Type
Leadership, ChangeAgent, change/failure, people, Transformation_Journey, transformation, change, Empathy, connection, Leading, change agent, Change-Management