Are You Struggling To Adapt Your Strategy To A Rapidly Changing Market?
Corey Post

According to *Harvard Business Review* (from a Bridges 2016 Survey), up to 67 percent of strategies fail. Whether you are a Business or Technology person, this should be of major concern to you, your team, and even your organization. Strategy guides the corporate ship. And if it can’t adapt to the roiling waters of a rapidly changing marketplace, the ship is at risk of crashing alongside the rocks of the barely recognizable remains of former icons like Blockbuster Video. (Want to rent at Blockbuster? You’d have to travel to Bend, Oregon, site of the last surviving store.) A successful strategy has four high-level components: Situation Analysis, Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, and Strategy Evaluation. Unfortunately, traditional tools, like the SWOT Analysis, are insufficient due to shrinking time horizons, and emerging tools, such as OKRs, are often poorly implemented, leading to unsatisfactory results, subpar execution and limited views of potential futures. This leaves organizations unable to achieve the adaptability required to sense, respond and thrive in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

In this session, we will approach strategy in a non-traditional way and go beyond OKRs, emerging tools, and traditional, top down strategy. You will discover the power of adaptive strategy planning that leverages rapid PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Adjust) Cycles, creative ways to manage the future through scenario modeling, and a light weight approach to connecting strategy to execution.

Learning Objectives
* Learn why traditional strategy approaches are not fit for today’s problems and business environments
* Leverage “strategic agility” to sense, respond and thrive in rapidly changing markets
* Identify a number of powerful new approaches that enable a new kind of adaptive ‘agile’ strategy, including scenario modeling
* Understand common anti-patterns with popular frameworks like OKRs and Hoshin Kanri and how to more effectively use them to align your organization’s unique capabilities to customer needs
Learning Level
Session Type
strategy, Process, Portfolio, OKRs, LPM, Strategic_Agility, Hoshin Kanri, scenario_modeling