Acting 101: Hollywood Techniques for Empathetic Leadership
Kevin Doherty

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is generally accepted as a critical feature of effective leadership, yet many regard it as an uncoachable intrinsic quality. Plot twist: proven methods do exist for learning, and improving, empathy and situational awareness. Enter: Acting Class! Together, we’ll explore the ancient tradition of acting and apply principles of theatrical training to help us navigate complex circumstances in an emotionally intelligent way. Volunteers will be invited to “hit the boards” in our microcosmic acting class, where we’ll pick up helpful tools for improving situational leadership which have been codified by generations of stars from stage and screen. We’ll then contextualize our performance within the values that make for great acting, and (most importantly) great leadership. Drawing from his experience as an actor and agilist, Kevin Doherty will help participants synthesize this information against leading thought in the discipline of agile leadership. Introverts and extroverts alike, rejoice! This dynamic workshop is designed specifically to maximize fun and psychological safety while facilitating multi-directional learning. Participants can engage as actively, or passively, as they’d like as a performer or audience member in an intimate, small group setting.

This session will NOT be recorded. Attendance is first come, first serve. 

This session will be delivered on Zoom.

Learning Objectives
1. Act out script analysis techniques that can be applied to workplace collaboration.
2. Associate the values behind good acting to effective leadership in a VUCA world
3. Break down the motivation, intention, and tactics of those around us through the objective lens of scene study
4. Exemplify self-care by giving yourself permission to look silly and get creative.
Learning Level
Session Type
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