Quantifying the Value of Ways of Working
Cindy VanEpps Saahil Panikar

One of the most powerful tools in helping people understand the value of changing their ways of working is to quantify the benefit. For example, in some contexts, the effort and cost to create and deliver an integrated system demo can be quite different than in other contexts. Is this practice right for your organization? What is the optimal frequency given the economic trade-offs? This is an example of a change practice for which we want to examine the economic costs with a calculator. While math can be intimidating to many, we use calculators as a matter of course for many of the economics-based decisions in our lives: buying a car or house or sending a child to college for example. Why not create calculators for estimating the economic benefit of working in new ways? Or why don’t we quantify the effect of “a bad system” in which people work? In this workshop, I will show an example value calculator and how the parameters were derived from thinking through the old way of working compared to the new way of working. Then you will have an exercise to modify a value calculator previously created. In the third part, you will think through and identify the parameters that you would use to calculate the quantified value of a specific practice. Your example could be changing from one way of working to another, or the frequency at which you do some practice. You can dream one up from scratch or use one of several options provided.

This session will NOT be recorded. Attendance is first come, first serve. 

This session will be delivered on Zoom.

Learning Objectives
1. Thinking more deeply about the elements of specific ways of working. “If I had to measure it, what would the parameters be?”
2. Honing in on the key value-adding or value-detracting elements of ways of working.
3. Creating value calculators that provide compelling data to decision-makers and leaders
4. Appreciating how math is very useful, not scary, when applied to a real-world problem :-)
Learning Level
Session Type
transformation, Process, software, valuedelivery, non-software, economics, calculators, Non-IT, IT