Scrum for Digital Marketing - Control the Chaos and Deliver Value
Clay Darrohn Matthew Hodgson

Radical disruption and social media go hand in hand, yet with things moving so quickly, there is a constant need to inspect, learn and change. This experience report looks at how Fishbat, an award winning NYC digital marketing company, Scrum was able to improve how our digital marketing team worked to help our business pivot and deliver more value. This experience report is presented with one of Fishbat's clients, an agile consulting company Zen Ex Machina (ZXM). Fishbat delivered social and digital marketing outcomes for ZXM. Through their experiences together, Fishbat then turned to ZXM to teach it how to use Scrum to help its own business outcomes. Together, ZXM and Fishbat will explore their journey together. We'll tell the story of Fishbat and their lessons learned in introducing Scrum into Fishbat's highly disruptive world of digital marketing:

* How ZXM and Fishbat first started working together on ZXM's digital marketing needs.

* How ZXM, as Fishbat's client, got Fishbat to work in an agile way, and how this created an awareness and a desire to do things differently.

* Why Fishbat decided to start pursue its agile journey.

* The training ZXM did with Fishbat around agile leadership to get them started with agile and Scrum and thinking about their work in a different way.

* The benefits that agile delivered in digital marketing including social media management.

* How other marketing teams can start using Scrum to control chaos in a simple and practical way.

Learning Objectives
Fishbat were 11 years in business and still felt like they still had a startup mentality. They needed help and needed a smart and digestible way to identify, understand and start fixing our problem areas. This is when Clay turned to me (CEO of ZXM) and we talked about helping them take the lessons we'd learned together and scaling it to the rest of Fishbat.

Agile helped Clay to:

* Get more insights into the work being done.
* Understand the real weight of the work.
* Understand the quality of the work, the gaps, and a simple approach to fixing it.
* Get better transparency about the true amount of work the team could handle.

This gave Clay and Fishbat a new perspective on how we approached our work. We experimented and Sprint durations, call durations and team sizing. To this day, Clay is still in a learning mode when looking at things like "How and when to onboard new clients", "How and when to onboard new team members", "Who are the right clients" Without an Agile mentality, Fishbat would never would even be able to approach these questions the way they are today. This new learning mindset, and the transparency, continues to support them to grow and now delivers improved outcomes for clients, who are also happier, at lower costs for Fishbat.
Learning Level
Session Type
Experience Report
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