Your Agile Blind Spot: What's Limiting Your Agility?
Gil Broza

Does your Agile implementation produce *meaningful* agility? Too many implementations look fine, but they've really plateaued well short of their potential. They don't produce meaningful agility: good flow of valuable solutions to real customer problems; drama-free, affordable adaptation; and a healthy, collaborative, engaged human culture. If you’re leading teams (directly or indirectly), or are facilitating your organization’s journey, do you know how much more Agile they can become? What could be missing, partial, or misapplied? What it would take to close the gap?

In this talk, Gil Broza reveals the seven greatest and often invisible weaknesses of Agile implementations and what you can do to fix things.

Learning Objectives
Discover what’s keeping you from achieving meaningful agility
Recognize what needs to change and specific actions you can take
Appreciate how popular tactics, such as sprints, velocity, and backlogs, may not suffice for (and sometimes undermine) meaningful Agility
Learning Level
Session Type
people, scrum, mindset, performance, critical_success_factors, pitfalls, plateau, mind-set