Agile Transformation: Wisdom from Complexity Science
Marcelle Bastianello

Are your Agile Enterprise Transformation efforts taking a lot of energy yet results are slow in coming? Are you trying to align the organization with a new strategy and find it frustrating because people fall back into their old habits? Our experience transforming complex organizations has led us back to Agile’s roots in complexity science to understand why. We learned that all complex adaptive systems exhibit a set of common properties that allow them to not only survive but also thrive in turbulent environments; our experience is that understanding and working with these elements contributes to a smoother transformation process. In this session you will learn about these elements through industry-based examples.

Our speaker, Marcelle Bastianello, will provide practical insights to help you lead transformation in a way that minimizes common pitfalls. She will demonstrate how success depends on having optimal decision-making criteria and show you how to build them. And she will demonstrate the importance of bringing the common set of elements into alignment for success. She will share how returning to our complexity science roots can improve the sustainability of Agile transformations.

Learning Objectives
Learn the components of optimal decision-making criteria.
Learn how to build an organizational culture that embraces Agile.
Discover high-leverage points that make Agile Transformation easier.
Use common elements of all complex adaptive systems to ease Agile Transformation and improve success.
Learning Level
Session Type
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