The Feedback Effect
Nicole Spence-Goon Julie Wyman

Almost everyone says that they REALLY REALLY want to receive feedback…so why does it feel like we hardly ever get meaningful, constructive feedback at the point in time when it would actually make a difference? Why do we come up with a list of reasons why we should just let something go, so that we can avoid having to deliver feedback ourselves? For many of us, the giving of feedback can feel like an awkward and uncomfortable task. And it’s because we avoid it whenever possible that we don’t improve these skills and we miss out on opportunities to help ourselves, our teammates, and our Agile teams grow. In this interactive workshop, we hope to reduce anxiety around delivering feedback. First, briefly review some feedback anti-patterns, then introduce several different frameworks and approaches that you can use to prepare and organize your feedback. Then, since the best way to improve our skills is through deliberate practice, we’ll breakout into pairs to practice together through a series exercises in a fun and safe setting. We’ll swap roles as we go, so that everyone has equal opportunity to practice giving and receiving feedback. If you are looking to improve your personal feedback skills, searching for ways to help your team become more open and willing to share feedback with each other, or interested in how simple practice and exercises can improve learning and build up skills, then this session is for you!

This session will NOT be recorded. Attendance is first come, first serve. 

This session will be delivered on Zoom.

Learning Objectives
* Explain why feedback is important at the individual and team levels
* Recognize feedback anti-patterns
* Use the impact feedback technique to remove assumptions and interpretations about others' intent from your feedback
* Apply a technique to turn destructive feedback into constructive feedback
* Design and facilitate a feedback practice workshop with your own team
Learning Level
Session Type
teams, people, Learning, communication, Feedback, Empathy, growth, interactive, workshop, candor, constructive, practice